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Pegas 90.504 Spiral Saw Blades - 130mm (5.1"), Pack of 12, 3

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Brand: Pegas
Product Type: Spiral Saw Blades
Length (metres): 0.13
Length (yards): 0.14
Size (imperial): (5.1")
Size (metric): 130mm
Pack Quantity: 12.0
Parent SKU: RF1924
MPN: 90.504
EAN: 7640140816661
Country of Origin: CHE

Spiral blades are able to cut around the entire periphery of the the blade due to a helical shape. This design allows work to be fed in straight moves. The work does not have to be turned to make cuts, so sharp inside corners can be created. Excellent for wood, plastic, metals, bone, wax and more. Overall blade length 130mm.