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Micro-Mesh Cushioned Abrasive Sheets - 152.4x76.2mm (6x3"), Set of 9, 1500-12000

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Brand: Micro-Mesh
Product Type: Cushioned Abrasive Sheets
Length (metres): 0.15
Length (yards): 0.17
Size (imperial): (6x3")
Size (metric): 152.4x76.2mm
Set Quantity: 9.0
Finishing System: polish
Parent SKU: FS5785
MPN: FS5785
UPC: 791429813257
Case Quantity: 1.0
Country of Origin: US

Ultra-flexible and strong cloth backed cushioned sheets. Cut and use as required - on a sheet, a spindle, stick, lathe etc. Suitable for plastics, fibreglass, lacquers, shell, soft and hardwoods. Each sheet measures 6 x 3". Set of 9 from 1500 to 12000 grade.