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Incudo Marble Azurite Malachite Reconstituted Stone Inlay Blank - 50x50x1.5mm (2x1.97x0.06")

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Brand: Incudo
Product Type: Inlay Blank
Material Type: stone
Material: Azurite Malachite Reconstituted Stone
Colour Group: blue
Colour and Pattern: Marble
Length (metres): 0.05
Length (yards): 0.05
Size (imperial): (2x1.97x0.06")
Size (metric): 50x50x1.5mm
Shape: square
Backing: no backing
Coating: uncoated
Surface Finish: polished (one side)
Cutting Method: saw,laser,mill
Glues With: superglue,epoxy,binding cement
Parent SKU: IN2087
MPN: IN2087
EAN: 5055719925354
Country of Origin: GB

Reconstituted stone inlay and carving material, made from ground particles of semi-precious stone bound with minimal resins. Gives the appearance of the original stone but in precisely and uniformly dimensioned blanks, and a fraction of the cost. While the pattern will vary between each blank, within each style there is an overall consistency in the style of pattern.

Cuts well using a jeweller's or scroll saw, a high speed mill, or laser cutter.

The pattern and colour runs all through the material so these pieces can be cut and shaped as required while still maintaining their appearance. The surfaces polish well with a buffing wheel, or by hand using either Micro-Mesh pads or our Hand Polishing Kit.