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Incudo Green Shell Abalone Dot Inlays - 2.38mm (0.094"), Pack of 20, 3/32"

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Brand: Incudo
Product Type: Dot Inlays
Material Type: shell
Material: Green Abalone
Colour Group: green
Length (metres): 0.0
Length (yards): 0.0
Size (imperial): (0.094")
Size (metric): 2.38mm
Stated Size: 3/32"
Pack Quantity: 20.0
Shape: circle
Glues With: superglue,binding cement,e6000,epoxy
Parent SKU: IN1114
MPN: IN1114
EAN: 5055719918165
Country of Origin: GB

Pack of 20 circular dot inlays, available in a selection of materials including mother of pearl, abalone, acrylic, plastic (CAB) and celluloid. Uses include guitar fretmarker inlays, jewellery, and furniture inlays. Sizes range from 2mm, with many metric and imperial sizes available.
Mother of pearl and abalone can be glued with superglue. Use our UHU Hart binding cement to glue the celluloid, acrylic and CAB dots. When fitting as inlays, leave a small amount of the inlay protruding above the surface and then sand flush for a flawless finish.
Shell inlays measure 1.3mm in thickness. Celluloid inlays are 1.5-2mm thick, CAB are 2mm, and acrylic dots are 2mm thick.