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Incudo Dark (Col 50) Tortoiseshell Casein (Galalith) Sheet - 240x100x4mm (9.4x3.94x0.16")

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Brand: Incudo
Product Type: Sheet
Material Type: plastic
Material: Casein (Galalith)
Colour Group: brown
Colour and Pattern: Dark (Col 50) Tortoiseshell
Length (metres): 0.24
Length (yards): 0.26
Size (imperial): (9.4x3.94x0.16")
Size (metric): 240x100x4mm
Surface Finish: unpolished
Cutting Method: saw,laser,mill,carving
Glues With: binding cement,epoxy,e6000,superglue
Parent SKU: RF2813
MPN: RF2813
EAN: 5055720111791
Country of Origin: IT

Sheet of casein, also known as Galalith, in a tortoiseshell pattern - light, mid and dark styles available. Thicknesses up to 10mm. Pattern is all through the material so they can be cut, carved and polished while still retaining their appearance. Casein is an early plastic made from milk protein, often used for antique pieces and buttons. Easy to work with, excellent texture takes fine details.