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Incudo Precision

Incudo Abalone Striped Pearl Celluloid Veneer / Wrap - 1600x700x0.17mm (63x27.56x0.007")

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Manufacturer: Rothko and Frost
Brand: Incudo
Product Type: Veneer / Wrap
Material Type: plastic
Material: Celluloid
Colour Group: green,blue
Colour and Pattern: Abalone Striped Pearl
Length (metres): 1.6
Length (yards): 1.7
Size (imperial): (63x27.56x0.007")
Size (metric): 1600x700x0.17mm
Backing: no backing
Coating: uncoated
Surface Finish: unpolished
Cutting Method: scroll saw,mill,router,laser,steel-rule die
Glues With: binding cement,acetone,double-sided adhesive
Parent SKU: RF4467
MPN: RF4467
EAN: 5055720128331
Country of Origin: CN

Large cellulose nitrate (celluloid) veneer sheet in abalone striped pearl pattern, measuring 1600 x 700mm with 0.17mm thickness, making it ideal for use as a veneer or drum wrap.Due to its thinness this sheet is semi-transparent so some of the surface underneath will show through - it is recommended to apply it to a uniform background, close in colour to the material itself.
Celluloid is a very early plastic, its original development dating from the late 19th century. While it has fallen out of common usage, it is still widely used for specialist applications such as guitar pickguards, guitar picks, musical instruments (particularly accordians), jewellery and restoration projects. The sheets can be used either as a veneer to decorate a larger flat area, or smaller pieces can be cut out of it, for example guitar picks or shapes and logos for inlay.
Celluloid sheet can be cut easily with a scroll saw, jeweller's saw, steel-rule die, mill or even a laser cutter. Care should be taken when cutting to avoid getting the material too hot, as it may combust. Always store in a cool, dark, dry place away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.
The pattern runs all through the material so however it is cut, shaped or polished it will still retain its colour and appearance. The material can be adhered to wood using our Binding Cement; it can react adversely to other adhesives such as cyanoacrylate superglues. As well as this, celluloid dissolves in acetone, a property which can be used to stick it to wood without any adhesive - wipe the surface with acetone and tape in to place, the dissolved celluloid will dry and bind to the wood. Flat sheets can be stuck down use 3M 467MP double-sided adhesive (SKU LS8005). Thinner sheets (<0.3mm) will easily curve to even tight contours, while thicker (0.3mm-2mm) sheets can be made to bend by the application of very gentle heat.